Meet Our Team

Super T Aviation

Super T Aviation is a family owned and operated company based out of Medicine Hat Alberta. Part of the Bar XH Sales family of companies, Super T Aviation has been proudly serving southern Alberta since 2008. Dedicated to customer service excellence and a "safety first' attitude, we have all your aviation needs covered. We offer a wide range of services from flight training and charter to aerial pipeline surveying and FBO. See southern Alberta from the air on a sightseeing flight, or start your career as a pilot with our comprehensive flight training. Our charter fleet ranges from Cessna 172s up to the Piper Navajo.

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What do our students learn?

In partnership with Super T Aviation, this program will allow students the opportunity to work towards obtaining their private pilot’s license while earning credits through applicable courses in: • Aeronautics • Aviation-Flight • Fabrication • Leadership • Mechanics • Mental Health & Wellness • Recreation • Wilderness • Robotics (including flight simulation and drone operation)

What do our students have to say about the program?

“Flying is so exciting! It is not something a lot of people get to do, especially people my age. It pushes me outside my comfort zone which applies to all other areas of my life. Flying has given me a lot of confidence and new experiences meeting people in the industry as well as different perspectives on many aspects of the aviation industry. This program and the instructors are awesome!” Emily Stock, Flight Academy Student (who currently possesses her private pilot license and is in pursuit of her commercial pilot license)

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Doug Little

Doug has been involved in aviation his entire life and is a third generation pilot with his eldest son being the fourth. Doug is an instructor at the Academy and has over 22000 hours of flight time, currently holds a Captain position with WestJet on the 767 and will transition on to the 787 Dreamliner in 2020. Doug’s career path has been interesting and varied. Starting at Kenn Borek Air in the early 90’s, Doug flew in North America, Pakistan, India and the Cashmere Valley. In 1995 Doug and his family started a venture and formed the first Tier 3 carrier in Canada called Alberta CityLink. In 1999 Doug was hired at a relatively new upstart airline called WestJet Airlines. Along with his flying duties, Doug spent the next 9 years hiring pilots for WestJet. He also holds a position as Check Pilot and retains both left and right seat privileges. Doug has three sons and along with his wife Sheri, eldest son Maclean (and instructor at the school), youngest son Garrett (an apprentice AME at the school) is actively involved in Super T Aviation Academy.

Maclean Little

Aviation has been a part of Maclean’s life long before he learned how to fly. Both his father and grandfather are pilots and he has always enjoyed going for rides and learning about aviation from them. In 2013, when he was only 14 years, old he signed up for flight training and a year later at 15, he flew the airplane solo. Maclean stopped flying for several years after his first solo to focus on finishing high school and beginning university. 2 years in, he decided that the classroom life wasn’t for him and returned to Super T to finish his private license. Maclean went on to get a Commercial license, multi-engine rating, and Instructor rating. Maclean is a relatively new instructor but has a good wealth of knowledge and an eye for detail. He looks forward to finishing his training and is excited to see where his career in aviation will take him.

Jimi Ricci - Eagle Butte High School

Jimi Ricci has been a teacher with Prairie Rose School Division since 2002. Primarily a teacher of Physics and General Science, he is excited to transfer his knowledge and passion for science and technology to the field of Aviation. As a member of the Dave Rozdeba South Alberta Flight Academy team, he will be working with our future aviators as they acquire the skills, knowledge and attributes necessary for them to become effective future pilots. Mr. Ricci also brings his passion for building and mechanics to the program, benefiting the students as they progress through the construction of their Vans RV-12is aircraft.