Our high school program is based on the semester system, offering a full range of core courses as mandated by Alberta Education. We are able to offer almost all of the core courses in both semesters, allowing for flexibility in balancing student timetables. A classroom support program offers extra help to students who require academic assistance, while at the same time allowing them to be fully integrated into the regular program. Parallel curriculum is also provided in a timely manner for fully included students that are significantly below grade level abilities. All staff work to provide accommodations and individualization of instruction as required. As well, we offer fine arts courses in Music, Choir, Drama, and Art. CTS strands include Information Processing, Back to Business, Experiential/General Psychology, Construction, Fabrication, Robots-Cars-Hovercrafts, Cosmetology, Design Studies, Foods, Communication Technologies, Mechanics, Career Transitions and Wildlife. French is offered as a second language at the school, as is German. We also have the Dave Rozdeba Flight Academy, SAHA, and the WD Hockey Academy. An Off-Campus Education Program allows students to access Work Experience, Green Certificate, and Registered Apprenticeship Programs. There is a very strong effort from our Division Office to increase dual credit opportunities for students through a variety of post-secondary institutions. These connections will continue to open up future opportunities for all of our students to benefit from if they are so inclined to take part.

School Council / Parent Association

The School Council at Eagle Butte High School continues to support and improve the school through its monthly meetings where they are given the opportunity to offer input and provide direction to our school. The Parent Association funds yearly projects such as Work Experience draws, perfect attendance awards, school equipment, technology items and athletic needs. Our School Council is a hard working group of parents, very committed to helping in whatever ways or means possible.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Eagle Butte High School has many different clubs and sport activities that our students can enjoy. We have something to suit most personalities; some of the activities are listed below. We are pleased that our staff makes a positive contribution to extra-curricular programs in our school.

Cross Country Running


Student Council



D and D Games Club


Girls Softball




GSA - Alphabets and Allies



Drama Productions


Track and Field

Book Club

Pay it Forward Club